Fly-In Bar B Que Lunch @ Cook County Airport in Adel, GA

What makes for a perfect Saturday morning?  Answer:  Great weather, great food, lots of airplanes, and good company.  That is what Dale and I found on Saturday, January 14.  Dale had seen a listing on Social Flight for a Korean Fly-In Lunch sponsored by the FBO “Azalea Aviation” at Cook County Airport in Adel Georgia.  We had no commitments for the morning so decided it would be a great excuse for taking a flight.  We left Marianna around 8:30 CST and had a beautiful, cloudless, approximately 1 hour flight to Adel.  We were the first “guests” to arrive and were greeted by the FBO owner/managers, husband and wife team, Bill and Kyoung Clapp – a very nice couple that are working hard to build aviation interest at the airport.  They have been there about a year and are working on a facility that will offer services that include maintenance, flight instruction, build workshops, and the typical FBO activities.  Bill took us on the nickel tour of the facility and it looks like it will be a wonderful asset to experimental aviation when complete.  You can learn more about them at

While we were the first to arrive, we were not the last.  Planes that joined us for the day included two Cozys, a Zenith, a Peitnpol, a Navion and several others.   And of course, the pilots, several spouses and guests enjoyed conversations about the various planes.  Another favorite topic of conversation was the services available at the FBO, including information gathered on ADS-B options.  Cayman, an Azalea employee, was designated chef for the day.  He grilled thin-sliced beef ribs and chicken.  Kyoung made some vegetable stew.  And the meal was completed with corn, baked beans, macaroni salad, and multiple desserts.  My complements to the chef – YUM!

After lunch we had a good flight back – with more clouds, but still good vision and smooth air.
All in all it was a fun morning – the type of excursion we would love to do more of!!

The pictures we have included show the pilots and guests in the hanger before and during lunch, and several shots of the flight line.  Hope these inspire you to go flying…….

Fly-In Bar B Que 1 Fly-In Bar B Que 2 Fly-In Bar B Que 3 Fly-In Bar B Que 4

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