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 NORTHWEST FLYERS, Inc is a not for profit 501(c)(7) corporation, and has been in operation since 1984. We presently own two aircraft (Cessna 172P & Cessna 182R) that are hangared at Marianna Airport (MAI). 

There are 15 (maximum) owner/members.

Purchases/Sales of owner shares are handled strictly between Seller and Buyer, but must follow and comply with the “Transfer Procedure” described in our Policy and Procedure Manual.

There are no minimum flying experience requirements for ownership, but FAA experience rules apply to pilots.

 There are no initiation or up-front fees.

 All members are required to sign as guarantor on any notes for NW Flyers.

Members are assessed a monthly base fee for fixed costs. This fee is presently $175 per month, but can be adjusted as needed by the NW Flyers, Inc Board of Directors.

 Aircraft usage is billed monthly based upon hours of usage by the owner. This usage rates are presently $35 per hour for the C172 and $60 per hour for the C182. These rates are “DRY” rates (does not include fuel ) and may be adjusted as needed by the NW Flyers, Inc Board of Directors. Our aircraft must be fully fuelled after each use with fuel being paid for by the owner.

 All NW Flyers invoices are due upon receipt. A late fee is assessed on any past due invoices. Significantly past due invoices may result in the owner losing privileges, and could result in the owner forfeiting their share of ownership.

 NW Flyers has the authority to institute special assessments, but does not have a history of doing so.

 Aircraft use must be scheduled on an internet calendar as described in our Policy and Procedure Manual. No aircraft may be used unless scheduled on our calendar.

Aircraft are for member use only, with no commercial use of the aircraft allowed (you may not receive compensation in any form). No one other than an owner, approved non member

instructor, or approved mechanic is permitted to pilot our aircraft.

No smoking is allowed in our aircraft.

 A 5 member Board of Directors meets quarterly and has the authority to handle most of the day to day operations of the corporation, all owners are welcome to attend these meetings. There is an annual full membership meeting held in January each year.

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